CIM Group Named Best Asset Manager for Real Estate Client Service by The Korea Economic Daily

2024-02-27 11:55 출처: CIM Group
SEOUL, South Korea--(뉴스와이어)--CIM Group announced today that it has been named to The Korea Economic Daily’s (KED) list of 2023 Best Asset Managers by Korean Investors as Best Client Service provider among mid-cap real estate investors.

KED, a leading business news source in South Korea, surveyed Korean Limited Partners (LPs) soliciting their selections for best General Partners (GPs) across five asset classes: private equity, private debt, real estate, infrastructure and absolute return strategies in terms of performance, operational excellence and client service. The awards are separated by large-cap and mid-cap firms within the five categories. The Best Client Service prize was awarded to GPs that provided great services tailored to LPs’ needs.

“CIM Group is honored to be recognized as one of KED’s Best Asset Managers. We are grateful for both the partnership of our Korean clients and the hard work of our team members who have made this recognition possible. CIM’s leaders will continue to work alongside our team to ensure that CIM Group is an effective and collaborative investment manager and partner to our valued clients as well as the communities we serve,” said Avi Shemesh, Co-Founder and Principal, CIM Group.

About CIM Group

CIM is a community-focused real estate and infrastructure owner, operator, lender and developer. Since 1994, CIM has sought to create value in projects and positively impact the lives of people in communities across the Americas by delivering more than $60 billion of essential real estate and infrastructure projects. CIM’s diverse team of experts applies its broad knowledge and disciplined approach through hands-on management of real assets from due diligence to operations through disposition. CIM strives to make a meaningful difference in the world by executing key environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives and enhancing each community in which it invests. For more information, visit

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